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Download HSP

Portal site HSPTV! of HSP3. Let's depend, and download the main body of the installer of HSP (Hot Soup Processor). HSP is freeware.

Please Download HSP from HSPTV!

Flow of download of easy HSP:

Install HSP

Let's introduce the development environment of HSP into the personal computer by starting the installer of HSP(HSP3). Separately, the decompression software etc. are not needed.

The file with the extension of ".hsp" can be related to the script editor by installing it. The editor comes to start when the file of this extension is clicked.

HSP reference

I will read the HTML manual attached to HSP. The cover part of the reference is opened with the "index.htm" file that exists in the folder of HSP.

Introduction to HSP for beginner (docs\beginner\start.htm)
еее Basic content. Check the HSP programming beginner. However, only when this is read, the program production is impossible.

Programming manual 1 and basic specification guide (docs\hspprog.htm)
еее Check the first "Programming guide" and the 2nd "Basis of the script description" as much as possible. If it is a leave, the fourth "Basic operation concept of HSP" also :. In the place where basic information is written though it might be serious because there is sentence amount. (Still think "Enhancing grammar" of the third to be good because of disregard. )

Execute the "hsp3demo.exe" file that exists in the folder of HSP. It is a demonstration program that introduces HSP to the background as for music. This is the one made from HSP. (The source adheres, too.)

HSP help Browser

Start the script editor. It is software for the file of "hsed3.exe" to edit the source code. It is the one like the note pad only for HSP. And, the character of "mes" like the under for the time being is stricken. It drives it by the one-byte character without fail. This is a guy "Instruction" of HSP.


The cursor (blinking vertical line) is moved to this part of "mes" when finishing striking it. After that, the said software starts as for HSP help a browser when "F1 key" of being on the keyboard is pushed. The explanation of the instruction of "mes" is displayed there. The displayed explanation need not be memorizing separately done. Let's check the explanation of a help browser fast pushing the F1 key.

HSP Sample Viewer

The folder with the main body of HSP3 includes the folder of "sample". Contents are sample collections of HSP. It is good because there is a folder of "sample\basic" when checking it because this is a basic sample.

The viewer software that inspects the sample of "sampview.exe" is preparatory. Be able the sample that exists in this folder be able to be executed, to open the source in the script editor, and it to be worth.

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